We all have questions from time to time that bubble up from our unconscious which relate to the meaning of our lives. Although we get these thoughts in our teens and early adulthood they tend to become more prevalent in mid life.

Regardless of whether a person believes in any particular religious tradition these spiritual questions are universal and apply to all of us.

Our spirit thrives on connection and oneness and when we rediscover this connection it can bring great joy into our lives.

At well within we offer two services to help you to achieve that re-connection with Spirit.

Our Meditation Techniques are not about zoning out or going into some kind of trance. They are about learning to observe our incessant minds and begin to have control of where we put or attention so that we can learn to reconnect to the stillness and peace that is there beneath the endless chatter of our minds.

Spiritual Accompaniment is spending some time with someone who can listen and walk alongside you as you seek answers to questions about the meaning of your life.