“In every culture, and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Albert Szent-Györgyi, MD
Nobel Laureate in Medicine

In ancient India this energy was called Prana, “the breath of life”, in China it was named Ch’i  and in Japan ‘ki’.  For over five thousand years hands-on healing has been one of the most common forms of healing across many cultures and spiritual traditions. Although science is trying to discover what takes place in energy healing, most practitioners ascribe to the view that energy of a higher vibration is channelled by the healer which re-aligns the energy field, unblocks blocked energy and raises the functioning of the immune system of the person receiving the healing.

Hands-on Healing,  ( Rei-ki, Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy)

This treatment is a gentle yet profound process. It is experienced while fully clothed. Hands are lightly placed on your body, moving through the major energy centres to balance and realign your own natural energies. In some cases this form of healing can produce quite dramatic healing results and in some cases people experience a sense of peace within themselves, renewed energy and clarity on life issues.

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