Nourish Your Life is a 6 month group coaching programme starting on 17th January 2021

Nourish Your Life is a group coaching programme led by Paul McColgan, IIN trained health coach.

It will be journey of discovery of how to nourish your life with both Primary and Secondary Food.

Primary Food

We call anything in your life that nourishes you but does not come on a plate, Primary Food. This includes:

Relationships – Have healthy relationships that support you

Career – Find work you love or find a way to love the work you have

Physical Activity – Find a form of movement you enjoy and do it regularly

Spirituality – develop a spiritual practice that fits your beliefs and gives depth and meaning to your life.

Using the circle of life, each group coaching session will take a different aspect of Primary Food and provide insight, knowledge and practical tips to enhance this aspect of your life, as well as looking at wellness improvement tips and eating for vitality.

Check your own circle of life satisfaction by clicking on the tool below.

Secondary Food

Understanding what and how to eat is essential for wellness. People who eat high-quality nutritious foods naturally have higher energy, stronger digestion and clearer thinking than those who eat fast foods or junk foods.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum is completely okay. We will guide you towards crowding out less nutritious foods and replacing them with more life-giving food.

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