Within each one of us lies a connection to a wellspring of life-giving energy. This is the source of our wellness and it is accessible to everyone.

Often we lose this connection through the pressures of work, our relationships or our hectic or unfulfilling lives.

At well within we work with you on all levels to reconnect to that wellspring and achieve lasting wellness:


We work to rebalance your energy and release blockages that may be manifesting themselves as physical or emotional problems


We help you to learn how to connect and support yourself emotionally and to experience your emotions in the moment instead of avoiding or suppressing your feelings


We help you to understand and observe your thought patterns and to discover what Eckhart Tolle refers to as “the off button” that allows you the freedom not to get dragged along by your thoughts


We support you to connect with your higher self and accompany you to deepen your own sense of spirituality

About Paul McColgan Holistic Therapist and Health Coach